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Vorschau SusCon calls for a radical paradigm change in the economy and in society

Bonn, December 4th, 2012. Record attendance at the third SusCon sustainability conference: over 450 delegates from all over the world came to Bonn, Germany, to discuss the path towards a Green Economy.

Vorschau SusCon's Bonn Declaration - Green Economy Offers Solutions for Global Challenges.

Due to our commitment to sustainable development we – 11 organising and networking partners of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption (SusCon) held on 27 to 28 November 2012 in Bonn, Germany – met with representatives from civil society, business, government and the United Nations to promote the development of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our planet as well as for present and future generations.

Vorschau Recognising the value of nature: the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation endorses payments for ecosystem services and business involvement.

Munich, November 21st, 2012. Register now for the “SusCon”. See Auma Obama, Alain Caparros, EU-Commissioner Janez Potočnik, as well as Prince Charles in the UN city of Bonn!

Vorschau Don’t buy – share: how collaborative consumption opens the door to new business models and a sustainable lifestyle

Munich, November 8th 2012. Register now for the big Rio+20 follow-up conference “SusCon”. Experience Auma Obama, Prince Charles, Alain Caparros and many more in the UN city, Bonn!

Vorschau Register for the Bonn SusCon Conference Now!

Munich, October 29th 2012. SusCon, the major follow-up conference to the Rio+20 is set to begin in four weeks. Supported by Auma Obama, Prince Charles and many other distinguished emissaries the purpose of the conference is to further the campaign for a “Green Economy”.

Vorschau Responsible Investments rather than “Land Grabbing”

Munich, October 25, 2012: In conjunction with the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the sustainable conference “SusCon” will discuss responsible investments in land. Also: Prince Charles’ contribution to the SusCon

Vorschau Auma Obama to Attend SusCon in Bonn

Munich, October 18, 2012: Prominent visitor to the UN city, Bonn. Dr Auma Obama, sister of the incumbent US President, Barack Obama, will deliver the opening speech of the international sustainability conference SusCon

Vorschau Time to act and win: Tweet sustainably and visit SusCon for free!

Vorschau Financial Institutions are the Engines of a Green Economy

Munich, September 26, 2012: According to UN calculations a 2% annual rise in global GDP is necessary for a change in the economy.

Vorschau Greenwashing is an Image Killer: Businesses Need New Communications Strategy

Munich, August 29, 2012: A study shows: Businesses are suffering damage to their sustainability image. Advertising agencies should distance themselves from Greenwashing and provide reliable information.

Vorschau Ex-Banker demands for radical change of the economy into a green economy

Munich, August 22nd 2012: Pavan Sukhdev, former manager of the Global Markets branch of Deutsche Bank, considers that Western prosperity from exploitation of natural resources is threatened. CEO Alain Caparros sets REWE’s sights on sustainability.

Vorschau ‘The End of a Match is the Start of a New One’

Munich, July 10th, 2012: Rio+20 has left many open questions – SusCon offers concrete answers
While in Spain the euphoria following the European Cup is still in the air, the cleaning up process after the Rio +20 Conference has begun. Instead of complaining about the few concrete results, it is worth collecting all that is “good” in a little pot, sifting the wheat from the chaff – and still much more in order to fulfill the original intention to bring the creation of a Green Economy to life.

Vorschau Rio – let’s do our best! The emotions regarding the UN Conference are reaching a peak

Munich, June 19th, 2012: A city that usually makes the hearts of samba and Carnival friends beat faster has in the past weeks and months accelerated the pulse rate of those who care about the issues of sustainability and the future of our planet. The world has its eyes on Rio, or rather the UN Conference Rio+20, because it is expecting decisive signs of and actions to fight against hunger, injustice, climate change, loss of biodiversity and global environmental pollution.

Vorschau SusCon 2012 receives widespread support

Munich, March 28th, 2012: Preparation of SusCon – the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption – makes fantastic progress. True to their motto “Cooperation is the future of sustainable business”, the SusCon organizing team reports that there is an expanding network of supporting organizations, each of them a trend-setter in the development of a greener economy.

Vorschau Today is World Environment Day!

Munich, June 5th, 2012: The 2012 theme for World Environment Day run by UNEP is "Green Economy: Does it include you?"

Vorschau Triple Summit

Munich, April 27th, 2012: SusCon Conference and B4E Summit join forces to create a roadmap to Rio+20 and back. Following the disappointing results of the Copenhagen and Durban conferences, all eyes are now on Rio with its historical background. Big emphasis will be needed on setting the agendas right - not only before but also after Rio. The partnership of two leading international summits will now be a major step in the right direction.

Vorschau European Business & Biodiversity Campaign joins the network of SusCon 2012

Munich, March 9th, 2012: The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign is a strong consortium led by the Global Nature Fund including competent partners from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. It demonstrates how businesses can include biodiversity concerns in their business model. With EBBC as new media partner SusCon can rely on a strong and broad-based European campaign.

Vorschau Global “Green Economy” in Need of Sustainable Economic Models

Munich, February 20th, 2012: SusCon – the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption – will be taking place in the UN City of Bonn this year, the same year as the Rio +20 Conference. The central focal point of this business conference will be the same core issues to be discussed at the UN Earth Summit in Brazil, i.e. the development of a “greener” economy.

Vorschau Global degradation of soil and water – worse than the Fukushima catastrophe?

Munich, April 13th, 2011: The recent Fukushima-catastrophe in Japan and the explosion of the oil platform “Deepwater Horizon” in 2010 are symptomatic for dealing with human lives and resources on this planet.

Vorschau Land Grabbing – Is biofuel exacerbating world hunger?

Munich, March 14th, 2011: Land grabbing, large-scale lease and purchase of land in economically weak countries, has been under fierce attack. At SusCon 2011, the economic and social impacts of land grabbing will be discussed in a thematic session with high-ranking representatives from business, politics, NGOs and the media.

Vorschau Water risks for business still underestimated

Munich, January 31, 2011: By 2030 the water demand will not only surpass today’s capacity by 40% but also means a huge challenge for companies to ensure their production processes. Therefore, entrepreneurs can no longer ignore the existential threat due to declined resources.

Vorschau Soil and Water – limited resources in the 21st century

Munich, December 13th, 2010: 900 million people have no access to clean water, however companies are still less conscious of potential risks for the future due to scarce resources. Technological innovations can be the answer.