Ex-Banker demands for radical change of the economy into a green economy

Munich, August 22nd 2012: Pavan Sukhdev, former manager of the Global Markets branch of Deutsche Bank, considers that Western prosperity from exploitation of natural resources is threatened. CEO Alain Caparros sets REWE’s sights on sustainability.

Sukhdev, leader of the TEEB-Study (“The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity”) initiated by the EU-Commission, delivers concrete suggestions for taking action on how businesses should be transformed in view of the Green Economy by the end of this decade:

Alain Caparros, chief executive of the REWE Group, also calls for a new way of thinking within the economy. Both he and Pavan Sukhdev are keynote speakers at this year’s SusCon 2012 – International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption that will take place November 27-28 in the UN city, Bonn.

The REWE Group has been working for years on pulling sustainability out of its niche and in gaining as many new consumers as possible for conscious consumption. As one of Europe’s first retailing groups, the REWE Group has firmly anchored sustainability in its business strategy, in particular by applying new management processes under the leadership of Alan Caparros. It is for this reason that he as well as the company have been repeatedly awarded with e.g. the ‘German Sustainability Award’. Thus, Caparros believes: “Only sustainably thinking and acting companies will survive in an increasingly competitive environment. In future, the protection of the environment as well as fair dealings with partners along the entire supply chain are significant distinguishing features for winning and retaining consumer loyalty.”

During SusCon, Caparros and Sukhdev will provide insight into their work, outline obstacles and present their strategies as well as their visions.

For the third time SusCon - the International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption – will bring together decision-makers from businesses, NGOs, governments and UN organisations that strive for the concrete implementation of an “inclusive green economy”.. True to its motto “Green economy – from intention to action” – the main focus of SusCon 2012 in Bonn is to investigate solution-oriented approaches to foster long-term sustainable development.

The “Thematic Sessions” deal with central questions using the example of supply chains for foods, textiles, wood and paper products, as well as green IT. Top experts will also deal with the financing of sustainability, change in lifestyles, requirements for honest communication and possibilities for influencing consumer habits. At the same time, models for an alternative economy, new frameworks, as well as visionary or controversial approaches will be dealt with in the Plenum.

“We would like not only to talk about possible solutions during SusCon, but also already to develop attempts at concrete solutions and to initiate cooperation and pilot projects”, says Fritz Lietsch, co-organiser of the event and publisher of forum CSR international. “Enough talk. We need action”.

For more information: www.suscon.net

Caption: Pavan Sukhdev, Founder-CEO of GIST Advisory, author of "Corporation 2020"

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SusCon 2012 – International Conference on Sustainable Business and Consumption – will bring together businesses with relevant stakeholders from government and UN organizations, and NGOs. It will take place in the UN city of Bonn, in Germany on November 27-28, 2012. The conference theme “Green Economy – from intention to action”, will emphasize the importance of business and what, in practice, constitutes a “green economy”. Up to 400 participants are expected. The previous meeting, SusCon 2010, gathered together 300 business, political, NGO and media representatives from 28 countries. For more information, please visit www.suscon.net.

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