Time to act and win: Tweet sustainably and visit SusCon for free!

Enough has been said – now it’s time to act. With the motto “From Intention to Action”, SusCon 2012, the largest follow-up conference of Rio plus 20, does just that. Taking place in Germany on November 27-28 in the UN city of Bonn, SusCon 2012 will bring together decision-makers from businesses, NGOs, governments and UN organizations where they will strive to achieve the concrete implementation of an “inclusive green economy”.

What activities is your business or organization taking to foster the Green Economyand responsible consumption?What projects, products, new management approaches,resource and energy-saving measures or innovations are you applying to boost sustainability?

Tweet and win!

Use Twitter (use
the Hashtag #SusConAction) to share you ideas and/or tell us what measure you are already doing. Why not illustrate your SusCon Action with a picture or a video? The person sending the most orginal tweet will be given free admission to SusCon 2012! Meet famous visionaries such as Dr. Auma Obama, Pavan Sukhdev and Prof. Dr. Ulrich von Weizsäcker. See you in Bonn!