About SusCon 2010

“Business and biodiversity are not incompatible.
They are mutually supportive.”
(Ahmed Djoghlaf - Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biodiversity)


A good start in 2009

"Nachhaltigkeit trotz(t) Krise" vom 28. September in MünchenThe First International Sustainability Conference in February 2009 attracted about 250 people from all over the world to Nuremberg, Germany. Positive feedback from the participants reflected not only their appreciation of the programme with its key speakers and excellent networking opportunities, but also demonstrated the need for an international platform providing state of the art information exchange, stimulating inspiring discussions and initiating new cooperative relationships.
Learn more: www.sustainability-conference.de

Bridging to SusCon 2010

Year of BiodiversityThe second conference will build on the success of the first taking its momentum a stage further. SusCon 2010 is connected with the “UN Year of Biodiversity”, but in addition to its thematic focus the conference will also tackle a broad range of highly relevant sustainability topics. Such topics will include, new business models, social entrepreneurship, climate change, consumption and lifestyle, verification and certification and finally, offset programmes and biodiversity protection. Attendance is expected to be greater than last year, attracting even more international participants and bringing together all relevant stakeholders like multinationals to small enterprises, key international institutions and NGOs, politicians and the media.


Economic future belongs to businesses and consumption patterns that respect the environment and guarantee humane and just working conditions. SusCon 2010 will not only explore, but demonstrate the potential benefits and synergetic opportunities of biodiversity. It will also offer innovative as well as pragmatic solutions to how the triple bottom line of sustainable, beneficial and credible can be put into practise.


Please find here the programme of SusCon 2010.